Restaurar y Camperizar una Furgoneta con Poco Dinero | Conversion Camper con Ducha

Ahora esta furgoneta tiene lo mas importante para viajes largos.Una ducha plegable, mucho almacenamiento y una mesa para comer 3 o 4 personas.►Enlaces: - Ordenador Portatil: Remaches roscados: - Panel solar: Controlador de voltaje: Cocina portatil: quereis alguno mas pedirlo en los comentarios)Una lista de todo lo que he hecho en el video:Primero una recopilacion de todos los anteriores videos sobre la furgoneta, todo resumido en "un minuto" (restaurar, camperizar y mejorar)- En el exterior recortar los vierteaguas / canalones para la lluvia.- Quitar el oxido y la pintura en mal estado- Proteger la chapa y alisar con masilla la carroceria. - Pintar el techo con pintura extra resistente- Reparar perdidas de combustible en el motor cambiando tuberias- Fabricar dos muebles/cajoneras para la cama- Hacer una ducha plegable para ducharse dentro de la furgoneta- Restaurar una mesa y montarla en el espacio del guardabarros- Hacer cortina separadora de carga a medida- Cortar el colchon de la cama por la mitad- Hacer fundas reversibles con cremalleras para poder lavarlas- Anclar la cama al suelo y cortar el somier para ajustarlo a la paredCamperizar una Furgoneta paso a paso de forma barata y facil.Hacer una "autocaravana casera" en tu tiempo libre es posible. Explicado paso a paso en varios videos en el canal.

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smally small

I dont understand yall arent healthy and you sounded like you wanted a dieses.

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imagine how many hours this would have taken

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Why always Tyler wins?,🤩🙄🙄🙄

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Oh my god, this is heart breaking, yes girl stay strong, idk if I could do the same as you, I hope more people look up to u like I do

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WAIT A MINUTE SHE SAID “I wrote (or tough trim which one) a book of a kid that went to a magic school”


Well theres a one huge ass easter egg - none of MGS endings are canon. You have too choose between Meryl and Otacon, but later theyre both alive


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1:19 says that when he’s going to win a battle next episode

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Your work worth at least a million of view ! well done Guru keep going I love what you do !

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This was posted in 2013 and I'm watching in 2019.



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Land of pure imagination


Pop out again: yes

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The last one is pretty much a creepypasta


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This is beautiful

It’s Ansleyyy

I can’t even stand it for 5 hours

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The case control studies also failed to tell you that they didnt account for the things people eat with their meat (Bread, buns, deepfried bs, super sized soda), which is almost entirely what is actually causing the increased health risks in most people.


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Who was waiting for rage monster? If u were like this comment

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What about that one sticker guy at the side

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Missed one. There's a Jurassic

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This is creepy I feel she and I have the same life just a bit differently

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Japanese language please

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that second one is debatable

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This was... a masterpiece.

"Me: I have suicidal thoughts."

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I noticed how the Mozart in the jungle scene and a samurai jack scene from another of your videos are almost the same.

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Nice to see an Easter egg video that is well edited and chill , not some unfunny commentator pointing them out for 10 mins.


FunWithGuru i love your work :D