(OwO) /r/creepyasterisks/ #31 [REDDIT REVIEW]

We review one of the darkest reddits of all timeCreepy asteriks: Meat: E WM E R C H: 🔥 (◡‿◡✿)Submit M E M E S: ༼♥ل͜♥༽ __AD| Shop my headphones: Setup:::::::: (Affiliate links)Chair:: ONLY 399 !USA & Asia: green screen: (Affiliate)__:::::::Check out: ::::::::game I helped make and affiliated with)__Outro:Animation:

EliasalHDTV Vlogs

How could we try this at home?

Ester Angel

Come to Albania and you won't find any thing plus size. You are welcome🎉

Jerico Tina



Woah okay I was NOT expecting this video based off the title LMAO

Jayden Sosa

there is also a sony walkman in ellies backpack if that counts as an easter egg


The player coach is basically a point guard

Fellow Gamer

Young Hoe

marlonlisondra Is cool

U guys should do a basketball toy trick shot

Grayson Loar

If you are doing a gender reveal call rick

Daniel vlogs 5

2:48 he drops his waits then picks them up again



John Cortado


izzy marie

This may not be related to the topic of this video but heres a new video idea


I hope you do Video Game References to Halloween or It!

anirudh pulachery

Coby fans like

Patty Provost

The panda has skills

norman barnett

Russell wilson my favorite player and I'm a 12th man

Imie Nazwisko

If organisms don't want to be eaten then whytf are they made of food?

Leave it blue if he’s fire 🔥

love tv

Guys idk but girls have a PERIOD

Young_Urban 54

Was that taser real

joanna Raja


With such limited information regarding the weather my mother's friend never should have made up her mind to go camping at that time which could so dangerous