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Sarah Piche

do you now what is funny Garrett is my name


watching on 27 nov 2016

Pedro Torres

Last time I saw Dude Perfect they had 30 million and now they have 41 million

devine nex

richtofin and samantha are sibling and maxis is their father and all the zombies are in the future along with all 8 hero's and there were also zombies long ago before the modern age they where medevil zombies they where unearthed and began the zombie apocalypse in 1918, after the first 4 hero's died 4 more came along and started on a bus then went to nuketown and then to die rise where they found out about maxis and richtofen where they fallowed into the underground city or burried where they find out maxis is evil and only loved sam, they then all die, and then finally for shits and gigles there is alcatraz which is just a cool map


HAHA Ocelot was so straight forward "Snake you stink" hahaha

Parker Zimmermann

Ive never even heard of this movie, but gonna watch anyway cause.... well Guru


I always enjoy watching your vlogs, they are so humbling and entertaining. My pregnancy is coming to an end but I would still enjoy if Shula had her own channel to highlight her pregnancy journey + beyond. 💖💖💖


It's episode 1 of the walking dead

Ty Sanders

The intro it didnt go through the second target

Dude perfec

Aš Žaidžiu Žaidimus

Anyone in 2018?


I wish I know how much he repeat "Welcome to Aggieland, this is the world's longest basketball shot".And with how much basket balls he tried and how they bring to him and in which attempt he succeed. -.-

Narayani A

Im a mix between avoidant AND anxious

Skye Myers

It's not that easy, It just doesn't come out, no matter how hard I try...


Hi Dude Perfect

n lee

How you guys can be so perfect?

Sleepy Alyn

This is why I don't wanna get married tbh

Weight Overload

I know everyone makes mistakes and all but how the fuck did you mistake Henry for David?

Gabriele Lafronza

Stop girl violence

promo boy

Congrats garett

Youus FiFaa

Oh my god ... 0.o

Manish G


hunter 5657

Wait it's a fucking soccer ball 0:34

s:can i jumpm in trampoline


They need to give me one of their onewheels!


@Ryuzekia it looks like its curving because of how far you are and what angle you are in.

Shalini Jha

Do High school trick shots

Hulk Dies

Why are there soooooo many dislikes on this vidio. It’s freakin’ awesome

Anonymous JK

Thanks for showing me this video sir.... I want to try smoking but you showed me this video i realize that if i smoke my relationship with my girlfriend would be gone my health would not be the same and i would not give my girlfriend some problems like this.... Now i realize that if you smoke you have many problems.... Thanks you sir for showing me what will happen if i smoke.....

Warzone: Morloc 40k battles

Corden you fucking Boss!

toxic XDツ



i were listening to Jekyll and Hyde just beforei started to watch this videoi can't stop laughing now

Sanidhya Saluja

you are awesome !!! you made the life of the children

UGLY Palpatine

6:27 😂😂😂 that shit made me think of those memes that go to be continued 😂


is ross the panda?

blue gamer

Wow gooood ini memang cenel yg keren saya kontri Indonesia Ilov you duom perfek

Farwez adnan

Rage monster is everywhere right?

BioWar 3

Hey bois. Imma be that guy. But inertia is what holds the egg where it is for the split second while whatever is underneath it moves. An object in motion wants to stay in motion and an object at rest wants to stay at rest. All you described was gravity, Tanner. <3 No harm meant! Love y'all! (Sources: A degree in mechanical engineering)

Ghey Boi

anyone else notice the teddy bear from toy story 3 at 2:37 ?

Froggy Waffle

So gta 5 is all the games that i love combined?Im not going to stop playing this game

Hockey Star101

I saw when you kept hitting panda instead of the Apple Keep the videos going


I guess they never miss haaaaaaaa

Christian Magliocco

Yes he will, SUMO BATTLE

Student Kurtis Tomlin

i knew it was checkers

(yes they are siblings)

Rizwana Hasan

Ones more



Sorry for being so disgusting

I'm so gonna watch it

roberta dupuis

Is it ok that I’m now crying because I could not imagine what she went through, and I don’t even like if a ant crawls on me, but here’s a tip if your low on food , ants are the best source of protein

City Chicken

You guys are awesome but garret didn’t hit the red button for the dunk tank

Eli Sevoian

Big Cory fan

Slurpy Buckfield

If I could be anyone in dude perfect I would be panda

Aydan Aydan

It will be in finding dory keep watching

(If your not religious, just hope the P.E teacher dies and Chloe and her friends have a good and happy life)

Matthew Corea


Clayton Seput

1:00 troll face in the bottom left corner